Official State Holidays

When do the United States government’s official holidays occur? The list of holidays is long and varied. Presidents usually announce national holidays on a given day of the week, but not all of them do. Some holidays are business-only, while others are purely for the enjoyment of Americans. If you have a favorite holiday in mind, check out this list of national holidays. You may even find one on which you can celebrate a particular holiday.

The United States celebrates several religious holidays. The most well-known one is Christmas, which is a Christian holiday and commemoration of Jesus’ birth. Many customs surrounding Christmas date back centuries, and are still practiced today. The tradition of hanging mistletoe dates back to the Druids, who hung mistletoe to ensure peace and prosperity. In the 17th century, Germans first hung Christmas trees. The name Santa Claus comes from the fourth-century saint, St. Nicholas.

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important federal holidays in the United States, commemorating the first harvest of the English colonists in North America. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a four-day weekend for most Americans, and many people take a day off from work or school to celebrate. Christians celebrate the holiday by attending special church services and eating turkey, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin pie. These holidays are also popular among Americans, and they mark a lot of important events in our country’s history.

Some other major holidays in the United States are American Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are even a few holidays that honor foreign nationalities. Chinese New Year is another popular holiday, starting on February 12th and ending on February 22nd. The Year of the Ox is in the year 2021. Independence Day, also known as July 4th, is a day to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the founding fathers. Many cities celebrate the occasion with parades and fireworks.

Many federal holidays also serve as state holidays. While they differ slightly in their names, most are the same, including those that fall on Sundays. When these are observed, the closest weekday falls on the following Monday. Similarly, some states have a federal holiday for employees, which is known as a state holiday. Many state governments have additional holidays that fall on the same day, making it even more important to celebrate them as much as possible.

The federal government recognizes Juneteenth as a national holiday. In many states, this holiday is combined with other holidays and celebrations. Many cities hold parades to commemorate the civil rights leader. In addition, it’s considered the unofficial start of summer. Traditionally, Labor Day falls on the fifth Monday of September, which is associated with the end of summer. Although the United States officially honors workers during the fall, other nations celebrate the day on May 1.

In the past, the nation’s most important holidays were named after prominent figures of history. In honor of the nation’s first president, it’s common for businesses to celebrate this day by providing one day off for their workers. Many localities also decorate with patriotic decor on Presidents’ Day. However, the holiday has been widened to include other presidents, including George Washington. And many serve cherry pie as a tribute to Washington’s apocryphal cutting of a cherry tree in his youth.